This race to acumulate I am winning (excerpted from: “The Case of the Black Pearl Necklace”)

Excerpt: this is a speech by Benjamin Cartwright, who obtains the Black Pearl Necklace from Brent Wison, who stole it from Laura, who stole it from Mr. Skin, who stole it from an East Indian Tea plantation owner……as our hero catches up with the necklace as it is being auctioned off at Cartwright’s mansion…and as James Whitecarol is tied up, beaten, and facing his demise, this is Big Ben’s send off to the great hereafter…or, does our hero somehow escape?

“This race to accumulate I am winning. Had enough? I can make you feel bad about yourself by shedding every media light upon your inferior wealth. Look at my finery. And in your rags, dare you look down upon me. ME! Up here where I belong, winning the race to acquire.

You are trapped inside my game, forced into my rules. Herded into the corrals I create to differentiate, divide, and conquer the herd.

Marx opined, ‘Class is the only distinction.’

To which I would add, I create the rules that govern the classes. And though you may think you are sneaking out of your placement and belonging in the world , it is only a Delusion fueled by my need to have slaves, who think they are free, everywhere I go to spend, to acquire, to display my unbridled wealth.

So, go ahead, look down upon me from your lowly perch, because you sing a more authentic song, with that cheap, pet shop seed caught in your beak. I defecate on you from above, without thought or care in the world. And you eat it. Because I made everything you inhabit, including your thoughts, your desires. I am everywhere surrounding you like an omnipresent god.

And only the accumulation of more misery will actually make you let go of your secret longing to someday, secretly, be just like me.

You think there is freedom in your poverty. What is free will without choices, many choices, begging for our attention. Your lack of option is not liberation, it’s a kind of emptiness that you fill up with your silly imagination, nursery rhymes, anecdotes, and apologies.’ If I ruled the world, if I had a million dollars, if I had that car, if I’…blah, blah, and blah.

You don’t. I won. I am winning. I am winning out till the end, your end, my end, everyone’s end.”


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