Lucky Dragon

You want to race a Black Mercedes through a Shanghai night—metal and steel throwing their phallic dreams up into a sky shedding toxic tears. This is where the Water Dragons guard their treasures with your life, and you invent yourself bigger than you’ve ever been. This is fire over water—a dragon’s favorite drink. This is the last ride to heaven before the sky falls. Luck has never swung its scaly long tail around here unless you were standing on the wooden footbridge over a river of time. Then it sways in, breathing red fire like the circle of life from  the mud to the stars that only a dragon, a god, or a fool can understand.

Neon joy may be enough for the bedazzled and their charms clutched like talismans to their tailored breast, but you are always naked, dancing on the spinning wheel of Terror/Joy. In the chasm of surrender where you exit and enter, the light only darkens you, while the dark births your brilliance divine. And you don’t walk this tightrope fissure, you dance it till your eyeballs pop out of your head, and disembodied, you return to the first mother of darkness who strung every light in the sky falling into you.

(A little piece getting ready for the adventures in Shanghai and Hong Kong, on the trail of the Black Pearl Necklace in the novel by the same name…this section will be narrated by the Black Pearl Necklace itself, as James Whitecarol, the relentless detective, is experiencing an altered state, sleep, unconsciousness, or his junky dreams…)


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