Indiana Here I Come

young pioneers 002 nero FXIn a dream, the local aliens came a calling on an early summer eve at dusk. There was a golden light in the air, or it could have been the glow emanating from its giant bulb head. The light-bulb-being had to be eight feet tall. I was going to invite him and his little alien buddy inside —he had a companion who was as short as he was tall and looked like a regular alien you would see in a Spielberg movie, or at an X-Files convention—when the giant alien simply turned his back and stood that way before my quivering screen door. (This, I realized later, was a decidedly Spielberg, or his disciple, J J Abrams, type of effect.)

He then began communicating with me without speaking. His back was turned to display his gross displeasure with me over some insubordinate behavior of mine, I gathered from his alien telepathy. And, as a result, I was not going to enjoy any further contact with him.

Wow. I was so not hurt and over his superior attitude it was not even funny, I thought sarcastically. He was not able to think sarcastically, so, I knew this would get under his weird, luminous skin. I had an alien device on top of my ranch home roof which simply looked like one of those satellite TV antennas (I just spelled both satellite and antenna on the first try, so, who needs your alien advantage anyway).

I thought back at him. “Go ahead, take my rooftop alien technology. I couldn’t care less.”

An instant later, he and his five foot friend jumped off my front porch.

I thought hard at him. “No, I am not going to get you my ladder out of my garage, so…”

Actually, before I could finish my transmission, he bent a bush over till it was inclining into the side of the house, and began walking up the bush and on to the roof like the supreme being that he was.

I heard him up there stomping around, and then removing my alien technology.

He then jumped off the roof, and was gone faster than a flying saucer.

Later, I was explaining to my dance instructor that I had to travel to Indiana to get an endorsement from a collegiate athlete who was guaranteed to turn pro. This would (somehow) offset the loss of my alien rooftop technology. She seemed completely unfazed by my remarks.

I told her I had never stepped foot in the state of Indiana. She agreed that neither had she.

In waking life, I know for a fact that this is completely untrue. Both she and I have ventured into Indiana before, though not in a very long time for myself.

So upon waking, the state of Indiana must actually refer to some state of being, or consciousness, or awareness that I was going to travel into for the first time.

Back to my dream, once I had the amateur athlete’s endorsement, I would be able to access all the cable TV shows that I could no longer get as a result of losing my rooftop alien technology.

It was a small progression, and only a beginning, but I was confident I would recover everything I had lost. I felt like I no longer needed the little boost from the alien device to access the satellites and beyond. I was going to download their message with my own mind as soon as I got the athlete’s endorsement.

Indiana here I come


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